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What is Morspace

Morspace can be anything you imagine.

Wall storage in your garage, a vertical garden, a wine rack, or a stylish retail store shelving fitout.

Easy to install and made of quality materials, Morspace is a cost effective, customisable storage solution. It can be configured for any space at any scale, with a minimalist pegboard design that complements most interiors.

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How it Works

Step 1

Position the panels onto the wall

Step 2

Turn and lock the connector into any panel hole, then insert screw to secure the panel to the wall

Step 3

Slide the top part of the peg onto the base

Step 4

Install other pegs and place shelves into position to start displaying items


To ensure the best quality shelving system possible, research and development was done by Sydney’s best engineers and designers.

From the ergonomically designed pegs to the engineering-grade polymers – they’ve produced a product with the tactile and auditory polish of a high-end automotive part, that’s miles beyond other mass-manufactured products currently in the market.

I’m a Woman with a Storage Problem, I need Morspace

Busy Life, Busy Home things can get out of control quickly. Claim back your space, display what you want and feel house proud again. Morspace gives you the flexibility to display what you want with style.

Key Features

  • Easily Customisable
  • Easy to Install
  • Supports 25kg per Panel
  • Versatile
  • Durable

I am a Man with a Storage Problem, I need Morspace

My partner allows me a small amount of space, real estate is expensive in my home. There must be an easier way to get more space. Now I can get my Garage and Man Cave looking great at a price that fits my budget.

Key Features

  • Easily Customisable
  • Easy to Install
  • Supports 25kg per Panel
  • Versatile
  • Durable

About Morspace

Today, life has become a constant battle with the abundance of stuff we own, and the lack of a space to give our stuff a home.

Morspace was born out of the idea to offer an easy-to-install and simple display-storage shelf to beautifully organise the modern household.

From the garage, the kitchen, the lounge room, to the bedroom, our vision was to create a display shelf that complements and enhances the quality of the items you display on it, anywhere in your home.

We believe that the average Joe deserves to be back in control of the look and feel of their home.

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