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Why You Haven’t Been Able To Keep Your House Clean For Long

…and The Magical Power That No One Knows – Discarding First

Have you ever cleaned and tidied your house up, and put so much effort into making everything organised?

Did you find that very soon after, days if not hours, the mess silently crept back?

It was as if you put this colossal amount of energy into it, and without any reason, you had all your work undone?

If yes, was it the people in the house?

Does the mess have a mind of its own?

Or did you really finish cleaning the house?

These questions we ask ourselves don’t offer any insight into fixing the problem.

The answer you’re looking for is that you didn’t clean properly.


Cleaning properly entails reducing the unnecessary clutter in the house and putting all things in their right place.

Cleaning up the house every so often makes day-to-day tidying much quicker and easier.

Cleaning give you more space and less mess.

A common fallacy is that cleaning doesn’t need to be taught, because it is “like an art form.” Flowing, letting everything maintain a fluidity between sometimes being in the right place and being a mess.

This is wrong…

But it isn’t your fault. No one taught you how to clean properly. School didn’t, your friends didn’t, heck, not even your mother taught you it. But it’s not their fault either, because no one taught them the correct way.

Cornerstone Symptoms

Have you ever cleaned up the house? (Duhh, obviously, that’s why I’m here.)

Did you feel it was complete? (yeah, for the most part)

Or did you find that you actually just relocated the mess to a new area, perhaps a closet…? Was it shortly after that the mess soon began to emerge again? (Déjà vu!)

The Problem

Moving the mess to another location isn’t cleaning it, but evading the problem temporarily until next time.

After endless hours of folding, twisting, shoving and straightening, the only thing that really gets accomplished is that the myriad of items that have no place in the house, get relocated temporarily.

The Secret You Want To Know

It doesn’t have to be like this!

I spent many years painfully cleaning my home, only to notice it took longer and was more difficult as time went on.

After looking at myself in the mirror and asking “why is this happening to me?”, one morning as I was brushing my teeth, I had a light-bulb moment.

I had more stuff that I didn’t need, than I am embarrassed to admit. Clothes that weren’t worn anymore, old out-of-date electronics I didn’t use and many trinkets that had outlived their value to me.

It was this excess of stuff that was constantly getting in my way, taking up space and making the cleaning process a lot longer and more emotionally draining.

There were things I hadn’t used in years, that I kept telling myself “it might come in useful one day,” but never did.

The Solve To ALL Your Problems

Discarding first…

Discarding is the process of letting go of these items that don’t have a place in our lives anymore.

Discarding is the only way to rid yourself of the excess stuff that is holding you back, dragging your down and stealing your time.

But don’t feel too daunted about having to throw old things out… It’s actually really easy with two simple criteria to help take any guess work out of it.

It leaves you in the captain seat to make the final decision on what things stay and go.

The Simple Criteria That Puts You In Control Of The Mess

1. Have I used it in the past year?

Seeing if you have used an item in the past year is a good indicator if you will use it again.

Typically, we tell ourselves that we need and will use these items again someday, but never end up doing.

It’s best to put these in the discard pile.

2. Does the item spark inspiration when you touch it?

Some things we might not use, like art, souvenirs or special items. It is 100% ok to keep these things if you don’t use them, but they hold significance for you.

The goal is to make your home feel clear and vibrant, and these items make up the vibrance and character of your home.

A brilliant suggestion is to take these special items that spark your inspiration, creativity, motivation and joy to display them.

Sometime the simplest things are the most inspiring

By displaying these items that hold significance to you, you make your house more homely, let them act as a daily reminder of motivation and inspiration which overflows into other areas of life, like work, relationship and health.