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Is The Way You Tidy Your Home Secretly Causing You Misery?


Before you tidy your home, do you feel like you are facing up to a massive task?
Are you always reluctant to clean, because a task that shouldn’t be that difficult, actually is?

Do you find that you are emotionally drained, rather than refreshed after tidying?


If so, you, like many other people, are suffering from “doing-more-than-you-need-to” syndrome when tidying your home.

I’m ashamed to admit that I too suffered from “doing-more-than-you-need-to” syndrome for years when cleaning my home, until one day I had enough of the frustration and monotony.

From reading many books on household cleaning, emotional healing, all the way to the psychology of mess, I found it. The Key. The Gem. The best and most effective way to clean the house, bar none.

This only came through the strong desire for change, and the motivation to have more space in my home. I wanted to feel free from constant tidying. Free to do what I wanted, not what the mess wanted.

The Problem

When you do a big throw out, do you clean room-by-room?

Isn’t it the easiest and most efficient method?…

It actually is not.

Did you know that when you do a throw out room-by-room, you leave lots of double ups on items.

This makes the throw out take twice the normal time, it means you end up keeping more unnecessary things and causes daily tidying to take triple the time it need.

This idea of cleaning from room to room makes logical sense, but this cleaning method actually makes discarding old things more difficult for you, both mentally and emotionally.

The more things you don’t need but keep around = longer and more frequent cleaning episodes

Cleaning Like This WILL Burn You Out Emotionally

Most rooms in the house contain the same items.

Disregarding items by room causes huge strain remembering what we have and haven’t thrown out, when we are faced with items of the same category, in different rooms.

The consequence of tidying by room is that you don’t end up disregarding to the bare essentials for the house, because you choose the essentials for each room, allowing for a lot of double ups of things. Think clothes, books, electronics etc.

Doing This One Thing Is Stealing Your Precious Time

When I used to disregard items by the room, I was always prone to thinking “what essentials do I need for this room?” instead of the essentials for the home.

This lead me to never really throwing out much and keeping so much mess around. The excess stuff I owned was always made my home feel crammed.

This hindered the process of trying to reduce the excess clutter around my house into a long, drawn out episode of frustration.

The more rooms I did, the more difficult it was to keep going.

Decision Making Fatigue

Decision making fatigue is the reason why when you finish cleaning, you feel so drained, that you’re ready to book a full day spa treatment or a 7-day silent meditation camp!

Decision making fatigue is caused by the strain of constantly trying to remember if you have enough of a certain item somewhere else in the house.

This strain eats at your will power and emotional energy all day, leaving you feeling down, tired and irritable.

The only way to stop this from happening is to DISCARD ITEMS BY THEIR CATERGORY.

Saving Yourself – Discarding Items by Category

Discarding by category means that you’ll collect all the items in the house of the same nature (clothes, electronic, books, education material etc) and make the decision ONCE… on what items to keep.

Doing this give you the full picture of what things you have and allows you to feel full confidence to make decisions.

The Benefits Of Discarding By Category Includes:

  • Increase in happiness and confidence with all your decisions
  • Frees up space your home inciting feeling of cleanliness and renewal
  • Cleaning becoming easier, effortless and less frequent
  • Saves you time with daily tidying (which adds up over the long term)

If you were able to save yourself an extra 10 minutes a day by cleaning this way, each year you would reclaim over 60 hours of free time.

That’s 10 more spa days for you!

Here’s something cool I was able to do when displaying my things

A Clean Home = A Clean Mind

One very important lesson I learnt from this journey is that cleaning the home goes beyond just throwing out and organising things

Cleaning properly has the ability to:

  • relieve stress by having everything in its right place,
  • save you time, and
  • renew your appreciation for life

Cleaning my house using this new method for the first time left me feeling less congested with the excess of things I had and more peaceful with the way things are.

Now when I tidy up, it’s very quick and easy.

Breathe new life into your tidying by discarding of all unnecessary items and cleaning by category.

It will be the most revitalizing experience you have.

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