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You know how its hard to find wall storage solutions that fit, can’t
store what you want AND match the style of your room?

Well, Morspace gives you the flexibility to display what you want with style.


  • Can I install Morspace myself?

    Morspace is designed especially for anyone to be able to install it onto any wall type with ease, all by yourself.

    It doesn’t require handyman skills or decoding pages of complicated instructions.

    Morspace comes with every part needed for self-installation including timber and masonry drill bits, screws and plugs. We’ve covered all bases to ensure it can be easily mounted on any surface - timber, brick or plastic.

    The hardest part of installing Morspace is deciding the layout. Interior styling has never been so simple.

  • What can I use Morspace for?

    Morspace is more than just good-looking shelving. It’s a cost effective storage solution that transforms any garage by neatly organising tools, gardening and sports equipment. In living areas, it’s an understated way to display treasured items, a wine rack or a vertical garden; or it can be a simple shelf that holds the essentials you need easy access to, such as beauty products or jewellery.

    The high quality panels can be configured to walls in any shape or scale, with a minimalist design that complements almost any interior. So there’s no limit to what you can use Morspace for.

  • How will I know if Morspace will work on my wall?

    Morspace will work perfectly on Gyprock, Brick, and Timber walls. Included are all the necessary screws, plugs drill bits for any wall installation, as well as specific instructions for each.

  • Shipping Times

    Morspace shipping takes 2-4 business days within New South Wales and 4-7 business days within the rest of Australia.

  • Why would I use Morspace?

    Morspace is a product for all seasons; it’s retail shelving, it makes a man cave, it beautifully organises the house, stores your sporting equipment in the garage and offers a home for your wine collection.

    Morspace literally offers the best solution to store what you want, how you want it. It also is the best solution to display your things, because it's big, but not too big that it is difficult to install and use; it’s customisable, so as to give the target audience not only the inspiration and ability to rearrange their house, but they can rearrange their shelf too.

  • Purchasing multiple packs?

    Yes, buying multiple packs will allow for more variability and freedom in your customisation.

  • Must I use all the pegs?

    Absolutely Not!

    A minimum requirement of 4 pegs per wall panel is necessary to hold it in place.

    Other than that, we implore you to explore the possibilities of what you can accomplish with Morspace.