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What Your Home Says About You

A messy house, with items everywhere and no organisation, is a place that lacks identity, culture, character, and familiarity. This is no way to treat your home, your Sanctum sanctorum(holy place).

How are we meant to feel “at home” when we are repulsed by the association of our household state?

When everything is neatly organised and every item has a home that it belongs to, this fills us with our own sense of belonging in your home.

It’s when we’re surrounded, whether it be culture, friends or our homely environment, that accurately reflect our personality, our feelings and our identifies, that we feel belonging. Belonging is a deep feeling a satisfaction we are apart of something we are proud of.

A house is somewhere you live, a home is somewhere you belong.

A home is a feeling.

When we are unhappy, this is reflected through our disrespectful state we leave our houses in. And if we leave our houses in a disrespectful state, we will more often consistently feel unhappy.

With the instant gratification of the digital age and the disconnection with our physical environment, comes an alarming decrease in our satisfaction and quality of life.

No more is it commonly practiced belonging to our homes anymore.

This distinct lack of care for the way things are in our homes has caused us to become more stressed, live more chaotically and feel greatly overwhelmed with the world.

If we aren’t able to keep our space clean, how are we meant to overlook the primary motivation of clean, safe shelter, to be happy?

We all have a very deep yearning to be proud to belong to something that represents us.

Get back to the simpler things in life.

If the things in our house don’t have a home, we won’t ever feel like we have a home again.

It is our decision to collect and keep the items in our house because they have significant to us. They make up our preferences and represent our desire to express ourselves. By surrounding ourselves with items, we can use them to help describe who we are as a person.

To feel like you belong, you need to surround yourself with the feeling of belonging, and the easiest way to do this is by giving all the things in your house, a home of their own.

Seek to create a place, a space, to really call your own. One that belongs to you. That fills you with the warm embrace of being apart of something you are proud to display to others.

Give your things a home by displaying them…

If we aren’t able to keep our space clean, how are we meant to tackle the problems of the world?